Computer Tips

Here are our top 25 computer tips to keep your computer running at its best.

Top 25 Computer Tips

  • Defrag your hard drive regular
  • Scan your registry and remove invalid entries
  • Do NOT have a picture as your desktop background. This takes up your valuable ram
  • Set your screen font rendering to clear type. This makes on screen text look crisper on a LCD or LED monitor
  • Stop windows using resources unexpectedly slowing you down when you are using your computer by turning off windows index storage
  • Make sure your screen resolution is set correctly to take full advantage of your monitors capabilities
  • Install the most up to date codecs to allow playback of all formats of film, music and online content
  • Download and install the latest drivers for your computer hardware
  • Download and install anti virus software and spyware software
  • Depending on your experience with computers if you doubt your ability then also install a firewall or read our page on staying virus and spyware free
  • Make the most of your computers sound capabilities
  • Treat your self to some good quality cables and interconnects if you have good quality hardware. You will be glad you did. Especially if you listen to a lot of music or watch films from your computer
  • Turn off unnecessary windows services to free up system memory
  • What is the difference between hard drive space, RAM and memory? It is easy to misunderstand their use
  • What does a central processing unit (cpu or processor) do?
  • Set your screen saver to OFF and set your power managements monitor turn off interval to 10 minutes.
  • Clean all dust from internal fans, heat sinks and component boards to maximise computer lifespan and allow your computer to run quieter
  • Arrange and cable tie internal wiring to maximise case airflow
  • Check for windows online updates regularly
  • Give your start menu a spring clean
  • Clean your keyboard properly
  • Go through your list of installed software (add remove programs in XP and programs and features in vista and 7) and uninstall any programs you no longer use or need. Make sure you only uninstall software you know.
  • If you have a wide screen monitor consider moving your start menu to one side.
  • Disable windows skin.
  • Disable screen saver and set your monitor to turn off after 5 - 10 minutes.

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