Computer Repairs

We offer cost effective options for keeping you and your computers working. Your computer can be repaired on-site or collected and returned fully repaired, we even reconnect it to your network. All for just £30 per problem with no call out charge.

Computer Reinstall

We collect your computer base unit or laptop and backup all your documents, data, music, favorites and settings before anything else. Your computers hard disk is checked for errors that could lead to data loss, we then wipe clean your entire hard drive ready for the rebuilding process to begin. A fresh install of your operating system is performed then we download install and configure all the latest drivers for your hardware. We install software packages specific to the way you work e.g. Microsoft office. We perform all operating system updates then system performance and security enhancements. We move your documents and settings back to your computer before cleaning out all the dust build up from the computers internal components, mainboard, psu, fans and heat sinks. This helps extend your pc's life span while allowing it to run cooler and quieter. Finally we return your computer reconnecting it to your network and setting up your email.

Computer Service

Cleaned computer fan Dusty dirty computer fan causing the computer to run hot and thus the fan has to spin faster resulting in more noise, waste of power and premature hardware failure

Don't worry if you have software on your computer that you simply cannot get again, or if you have software licensing issues, instead of a clean install why not let us service it? This keeps all your programs and settings intact and makes your computer virus free, more stable and usually substantially faster. We collect your computer base unit and examine background programs and services then stop any unnecessary or unwanted items. We carry out system performance and security enhancements before performing all operating system updates and service packs, then clean and compact your registry. Your hard disk is then de-fragmented. Finally we clean out all the dust build up from the computers internal components, main board, psu, fans and heat sinks. This helps extend your pc's life span while allowing it to run cooler and quieter.

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Virus and Spyware Removal

Unless you have good up to date virus and malware protection you probably have a selection of virus's and malware hidden deep in your system files already. These unwanted items use valuable system resources to either bring your system to a halt or tie up processing cycles rendering your computer excruciatingly slow or unusable, worse still they can even delete everything off your computer. We remove all virus's and malware allowing your system to run at maximum speeds again.

Computers Slow Down

Did you know just by using your computer it gets bloated with temporary and junk files gradually slowing it down? Not to mention the files and registry entries that programs and games leave behind after you have uninstalled them. When you consider all this along with disk problems, virus and malware infections there is no wonder your computer gradually becomes slower.

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Computer Upgrades

If your computer is simply too slow for your current computing requirements you may not need to buy a new one, a simple memory upgrade could be all that is needed. Memory is a vital resource for windows and as such gives tremendous performance benefits. If your computer has less than 512 Mega Bytes it will perform considerably faster with extra ram installed.

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Contacting Itworknplay

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